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Online Help and Reporting

The Australian Government Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner protects Australian children when they experience cyberbullying by administering a complaints scheme and deals with complaints about prohibited online content.

It offers counselling, reporting and educational resources to assist young people deal with online risks including cyberbullying, unwanted contact, scams and fraud, and offensive or inappropriate material.

Social media services’ safety centres

Most social media services have a safety centre where you can learn about safe site use as well as report abuse or content that you find offensive. Safety centres provide support as you use the site and can help you to deal with a range of online safety issues, including cyberbullying.

Parent or child support

Find links to Kids Helpline, eheadspace and further very helpful websites.

Reporting child exploitation

If you are concerned about online behaviour that involves the sexual exploitation of a child you can report it to the Australia Federal Police (AFP).