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First Aid


If your child is feeling unwell, they must be kept at home until they are well, to prevent the spread of communicable illnesses which occurs easily in the school environment.

Children that become sick at school will be sent to sick bay and parents / guardians will be contacted to collect their child from school.

Please notify the school immediately if your child develops a contagious illness e.g. chicken pox/school sores/measles. See below list of communicable diseases and exclusion from school periods.

Exclusion Table


All medication must be accompanied by a medical plan signed by a Doctor.  This enables us to administer at school if required.

Antibiotics will not be administered at school unless they are required 4 times daily. Please note any side effects of medication cannot be monitored at school, therefore the first dose must always be given at home.

Children who may require Ventolin inhalers from time to time, can leave an inhaler in the school’s care (an Asthma plan signed by the doctor is required). These will be kept in sickbay and available to use when needed.

Should you have further questions regarding medication, please contact sickbay on (03) 9707 7799.

School Injuries and Insuirance

If an accident happens at school and we feel your child is in urgent need of medical attention beyond the boundaries of first aid, we will call an ambulance and notify parents/ guardians.

Parents and guardians are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including ambulance costs.

If you do not have Ambulance Cover, the cost to transport your child may be extremely expensive.