Respect, Creativity, Responsibility and Resilience.

Extra Curricular

Here at Berwick Chase Primary School, we offer a range of extracurricular activities.  These activities compliment the broad and well-rounded educational experiences students participate in.  Currently, we provide;


Berwick Chase offers a variety of experiences across the year that complements our approach to individualised learning.  All excursions are in context and relevant to what’s happening in the classroom, as well as the interests of our students.

When children are in the senior school (grades 3-6), they are encouraged to attend the annual school camp.  Some are also lucky enough to attend Somers Camp, which is offered to a small number of students from each school in our network biannually.


5Incursions (excursions except they are held at school) are a great way for students to tune in or consolidate their learning in the classroom. These usually are an additional cost to families.

Explore Garden

Every recess and lunch time, any student is able and welcome to enter our Explore Garden. Students can participate in games and activities such as Lego, craft, board games, drawing, as well as using the area to have a relaxing break with friends. These activities are supervised by a teacher and designed to encourage communication, socialisation and interaction amongst peers.