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ICT Links

Information and Communications Technology is the hardware and software that enables data to be digitally processed, stored and communicated. ICT can be used to access, process, manage and present information; model and control events; construct new understanding; and commuicate with others.

At Berwick Chase Primary School, we strive to provide our children with the latest technologies to prepare them for the future.

Children are given regular, supervised access to laptops, desktops, iPads, flipcams and recording equipment and every learning common is equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard.

Teachers regularly embed ICT into their lessons and are provided with ideas and training to keep up to date with todays needs.

Children can be seen working collaboratively in groups around an iPad, filming scenes for the school news program using video cameras and editing software, or standing in front of the Interactive Whiteboard instructing their peers on a new concept.

Children are explicitly taught Internet protocols and strategies for exchanging information, Cybersafety and the responsibilities they have as global citizens.

Children in the Senior School are given the opportunity to participate in an iPad 1:1 Program each year. We believe that increased connectivity between school life, private life and social life in a safe and secure learning environment through the use of a 1:1 device, opens up the possibilities for our students to enhance their learning. Students must be taught that digital citizenship isn’t just about recognising and dealing with online hazards. It’s about building safe spaces and communities, understanding how to manage personal information, and about being internet savvy. By providing a 1:1 program in the Senior School, we feel that these students will be better prepared for the future and experience greater success when they enter secondary college and the workforce later in life.

If you are a participant in the iPad Program please visit our iPad page to find information booklets, enrolment procedures and links to enrol your device onto the school’s wireless network.